How to take Assistance from LIPA Support Team

We will explain you how the support team works. There are three ways for contacting support team...

 How to create Support Ticket:

1.   Go to the login credential, if you don’t have login credential than registered yourself on 

2.   Open this link and enter the login details. 

3.   Click on Open Ticket on the top of the main menu area 

4.   Choose the concern Department 

5.   Enter the details and your enquiries and create a ticket 

6.   The ticket id will be generated. Make note of it. 

7.   You can check the status of the ticket by clicking on view ticket on the top of the main menu area

8.   You can reopen the same ticket by reply on closed ticket.

 How to come on technical chat: 

1.   Visit to  and in the right side you can have the friend online option. Click on that. 

2.   If you are coming in chat, make sure that you have created the ticket and you haven’t got any response in the ticket from technical team within 2 hours. 

How to contact via Board line Number:

1.   If you are in case of urgency or your ticket/chat is not responded you can call to the board line number for any clarifications

2.   You can call to 011-22526645/46, 22044470, 09899744568 for any technical queries.

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